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This is a private, experimental social server running Takahé.

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I'm not surprised that my more active account on a big server doesn't see spam, because it has good admin. It is a bit curious that I haven't seen any here, either. I guess it's all very Mastodon-specific.

I believe I figured out how to import old posts into this account without causing it to flood the fediverse with them. They're now in my local profile and should be browsable by other servers - as well as indexed by them, if they ever see those posts eg due to a boost by someone.

Sadly, as part of this process I (half-accidentally) lost all the previous followers.

It's now been two weeks since Finland closed the majority of our russia border crossing points and a week since the last one of the border points closed. This situation is going to last for another week - this closure will end on the 14th, until new decisions extend it before that.

But what's the bigger picture here? Is this a repeat of the situation experienced on the belarusian border to Lithuania, Poland and Latvia in 2021? What of the last migration influx to Finland back in 2015-2016? 1/13

@osma Test reply from another account - one which I'll try to moderate away.

Tammikuussa 2022 löysin lintusomessa oheisen @jonlevy säikeen, jonka käänsin suomeksi. Tämä säie sisältää tuon arkistoista kaivamani suomennoksen.

In January 2022 I found this @jonlevy thread on the birdsite which I translated to Finnish. Here is a replica of it, since I've deleted the original along with all of my other content.

I see this @arstechnica article is trending. It's inaccurate in a problematic way, though.

"Port 5353/UDP" is not just some "field" - it's a whole another service discovery protocol by Multicast DNS. In this case, your iPhone looking for AirPlay targets after making a new network connection.

The reason this matters is that Wifi privacy was presented as a way to hide your device identity from pass-by Wifi networks you didn't even connect to, and it does that. Revealing your device id after you've connected isn't great, but easy to mitigate: just don't connect your devices to random public Wifis. There are much worse problems you're exposing yourself to if you do that.

Why do we have solar eclipses? Because the Moon happens to be 1/400th the diameter of the Sun, while also at 1/400th the distance from us. But how come such a coincidence?

If the Moon was much larger or closer, the tides would be quite disruptive. If it was much smaller or distant, it wouldn't be a good asteroid shield. Either might have prevented our emergence.

It's a coincidence Earth has such a Moon, but it may not be such a coincidence we're here to see it.

@YetAnotherGeekGuy sorry for delay in reply. This server, which is a very small single-user instance, knows about 5128 other fedi domains, a small fraction of the whole. Its average fetch time for a profile update from one of those other servers is 7 seconds, p99 27 seconds. The *scatter* takes too long, never mind the gather. And for the effort it takes to maintain (local? distributed?) bloom filters, you might as well maintain the index itself, avoid needing to poll hundreds (likely, thousands) servers in a second pass. No one wants to wait half a minute to have their search complete.

Almost completely random, but I can't not share this article of a thought to be extinct bird from a fedi server powered by software named for that bird. @[email protected]

@YetAnotherGeekGuy This may be an unpopular opinion, but for search, I don't think a centralized index is a bad solution. When Google was *search*, it was great. It only turned to shit when they replaced search with AdWords everywhere. That said, two alternatives, in order of more complexity for additional decentralization:

- a number of search-as-service operators, to which server admins can relay messages and offload index maintenance for amortized cost
- federated partial indices, in which co-operating servers each index a part of the whole and searches are distributed

Federating everything everywhere, that is each server indexing its own content and returning results to all searches, would not work. The thundering herds and search lag would be horrible.