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I'm more active on @[email protected] though that might change later. This account I expect to eventually hold archives from my previous accounts on Twitter etc.

Systems, organizations, products, platforms, software, science, and a little bit of politics. Whatever you think I identify with, I probably don't.

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I had an admin mishap on this server and lost the history of the account. Federation is also probably busted. Sorry if this causes you trouble - will try to recreate the account history as soon as I figure out some unimplemented importing techniques.

It’s now been two weeks since Finland closed the majority of our russia border crossing points and a week since the last one of the border points closed. This situation is going to last for another week - this closure will end on the 14th, until new decisions extend it before that.

But what’s the bigger picture here? Is this a repeat of the situation experienced on the belarusian border to Lithuania, Poland and Latvia in 2021? What of the last migration influx to Finland back in 2015-2016? 1/13

Oh, apparently the FFP2 thread I posted here yesterday really made my poor little server struggle under a self-inflicted DDoS. 1000 concurrent HTTP server connections wasn't enough for hours on end as The Internet(tm) tried to poll those toots. Not that I noticed at all - I was offline.

Tammikuussa 2022 löysin lintusomessa oheisen @jonlevy säikeen, jonka käänsin suomeksi. Tämä säie sisältää tuon arkistoista kaivamani suomennoksen.

In January 2022 I found this @jonlevy thread on the birdsite which I translated to Finnish. Here is a replica of it, since I've deleted the original along with all of my other content.

I see this @arstechnica article is trending. It's inaccurate in a problematic way, though.

"Port 5353/UDP" is not just some "field" - it's a whole another service discovery protocol by Multicast DNS. In this case, your iPhone looking for AirPlay targets after making a new network connection.

The reason this matters is that Wifi privacy was presented as a way to hide your device identity from pass-by Wifi networks you didn't even connect to, and it does that. Revealing your device id after you've connected isn't great, but easy to mitigate: just don't connect your devices to random public Wifis. There are much worse problems you're exposing yourself to if you do that.

Why do we have solar eclipses? Because the Moon happens to be 1/400th the diameter of the Sun, while also at 1/400th the distance from us. But how come such a coincidence?

If the Moon was much larger or closer, the tides would be quite disruptive. If it was much smaller or distant, it wouldn't be a good asteroid shield. Either might have prevented our emergence.

It's a coincidence Earth has such a Moon, but it may not be such a coincidence we're here to see it.

Almost completely random, but I can't not share this article of a thought to be extinct bird from a fedi server powered by software named for that bird. @[email protected]

Tämä ei ole ainoastaan Yhdysvaltain presidentinvaalien ongelma. Myös suomalainen demokratia tulee saamaan tästä osansa, kun disinformaatio ja salaliittoteoriat leviävät some-alustoilla. Ja on täälläkin pressanvaalit tulossa!

EU:n DSA astui voimaan viime viikolla ja yksi sen seurauksista on, että nuo alustat ovat luvanneet tehdä sisältösuositusalgoritmeistaan valinnaisia. Ne eivät kuitenkaan ole luvanneet niistä läpinäkyviä, vaan joko/tai.

Mastodon 4.2 release will be a major milestone for all of fedi. When the biggest server flavor enables toot search and settles on a privacy declaration to make it opt-in, that settles the argument on whether global search is okay here or not: it will be.

In the past year, a lot of projects to do this exact thing have been killed and people banished for it, but that's the price for spearheading change.

However, no Mastodon server sees enough of fedi to actually provide global search - not even, and certainly not whichever site you are registered on. They can only index the part they see, after all.

So, the next step on this path is a global search service provider subscribing to ALL servers (modulo moderation). Running one will be a very expensive operation, though - funded either by ads, or by (server admin?) subscription.

Would you pay to have access to global fedi search?

A generative algorithm can not claim copyright. This much is unsurprising. The level of human input needed to make it a copyrightable human work is untested, but individual works will find a precedent.

The part with big business implications, thus driving investment: a program, database, model, or other collective works containing generated components can not be copyrighted in their entirety. How does one delineate between human work and that which was auto-generated?

This thread is likely the most important topic I've re-shared on any social media through my long history of sharing important stuff.

The Antarctic isn't just a remote, cold place. It feeds the oceans, captures atmospheric carbon, and keeps the planet cool. We need to care what happens to life in those seas.

h/t @anna_lillith

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No need to clear new land for solar power. Panels can coexist with agriculture, and even help it since many crops thrive in partial shade and/or benefit from water retention under the panels.

“Maize is grown by about 50% of farmers in Tanzania. Maize is also a sun loving plant. So the fact that we had an 11% yield increase in maize [under solar panel arrays] is a phenomenal result,” he said.

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12 years ago, a man set of a car bomb and opened fire against teenagers on a summer camp on a Norwegian island of , killing 77 people. The man turned out to have written a racist manifesto naming the current Speaker of the Finnish Parliament as one of his inspirations regarding his "great replacement" delusions. The party members of the Speaker, including their current party leader and Minister of Finance, still refer to this theory in their political motivations.

I had an admin mishap on this server and lost the history of the account. Federation is also probably busted. Sorry if this causes you trouble - will try to recreate the account history as soon as I figure out some unimplemented importing techniques.